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Statement of faith


Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through praise, prayer, love and discipleship.



People experiencing a life-changing relationship with Jesus in a growing church family.


The following represents the core values that we at Majesty Worship Center are passionate

and aspire to reflect in our very essence of who we are as a church.

      1. Bible Teaching

          We lead people out of a deep conviction and commitment to God's Word, so that 

         together we grow in our love and application of it.

      2. Biblical Worship

           We glorify God and experience His presence through personal worship that is God 

          centered, life changing and based on biblical principles, resulting in expression of 

          gratitude, honor and service. 


      3.  Prayer

           We elevate communication with God as an essential means for personal and 

          effective ministry, which pleases and honors Him.

      4.  Equipping & Multiplying Disciples

            We equip followers of Jesus Christ to cultivate their spiritual lives in order to nurture

           Christ likeness and reproduce ministry in others. 

      5.  Integrity

            Jesus never lied, and His actions defined integrity. Once we come to Christ in faith and

           repentance, He gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit who assists us in developing  

           incorruptible integrity. It is impossible to have real integrity without Jesus as our Lord

            and Savior.  May the Lord give us strong integrity that becomes incorruptible through 

           the power of the Holy Spirit. 

       6.  Servant Leadership

             We reproduce servant leaders who are committed to ministry teams and consensus in 

              prayerful dependance on God's word, the Holy Spirit and one another. This begins with 

              the Pastor, who has final responsibility for guiding and shepherding the congregation 

              and continues to all ministry areas.







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